Therapist Who do ICBC Cases

Road accidents are traumatizing. They impact person’s routine life and mental wellbeing considerably.

To help you overcome the trauma and return to normal life, you will be pre-approved for counselling sessions without a doctor’s referral if you come in within 12 weeks of the motor vehicle accident. You have 12 weeks to utilize up to 12 sessions from the date of the accident.

If accident occur more than 12 weeks ago and your settlement is still pending, you can still request ICBC help for the counselling with your doctor’s referral letter. After reporting, your ICBC adjuster will provide you the approval for a certain number of counselling sessions. Once you have that approval, you are ready to schedule your first appointment with me. I am a registered service provider with the ICBC. I will invoice ICBC directly and there would be no upfront costs to you. You may also qualify for extensions of counselling sessions, if your doctor and counsellor believe that it will help you get better.