Clients are provided the Feedback form after completing sessions. These are some of their reviews and testimonials

Rhea is magical. She can read minds.
The trauma that started as five year old seems like it never stopped. My family life did not help. I need to have this counselling to give my life joy, it’s like a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Rhea is wonderful and help a great deal. Thank you
I am trying to quit….. Rhea has helped me think rationally. Now I am ready to enter drug outpatient program. Can’t thank enough
Rhea is an amazing counsellor. I have a lot to work through. I assume I will need A LOT more time and sessions before I will see a huge amount of improvement. I also haven’t been able to work hard on myself and to take out time to heal from trauma
Rhea was very accommodating with times and such. Adjusting and helping to the needs of what my life required
Counselling is a great way to communicate to someone who is skillful in how to deal with most of the issues in life. It helped me to change my thinking and be positive. I am glad I came for counselling.