Effective Stress Management

Isn’t it normal and common to get stressed out, why seek treatment for stress?

Yes, it’s normal and generally useful to feel little nervous, worry, fear and sense performance- pressure during challenging or new situations. But if these situation-oriented stress responses (physical as well as psychological) occurs too often and lasts too long even if that situation is not as critical, then it’s alarming and it’s time to be serious about your stress level.

What are the symptoms of stress?

  • Depression or anxiety related symptoms
  • Unstoppable thought process
  • Headaches (with or without any triggering event)
  • Troubled sleep
  • Upset stomach
  • Body pains especially back or neck pain
  • Argumentative, frustrated
  • Overwhelmed

How I support clients to manage their elevated stress levels?

Stress should not be taken lightly as it can be beginning of other mental disorders such as different kind of anxieties, depression, mood disorders and it can hugely disrupt client’s personal, professional and social life. Again, there is no “one shoe fits all” approach in my therapeutic practice. Each client’s case is managed differently depending on various factors of client’s life. I primarily use Cognitive Restructuring using CBT, Relaxation Techniques, Psychoeducation, Mindfulness practices especially Mindful breathing technique and Art therapy to explore different methods to reduce client’s stress levels and learn skills. I can also apply Solution focussed brief therapy (SFBT) if client’s stress is related to some particular issue.

Simply by following nutritious diet, good sleep habits and healthy life style you can speed up your recovery process and maintain it for long time.