ICBC Case Related Counselling

Road accidents are traumatizing. If you have met with a road accident, it might have significantly disturbed your routine life and mental well-being.


Do you know that you are eligible for counselling sessions post accident, sponsored by ICBC?


You don't need a doctor's referral if you come within 12 weeks of the road accident. You have 12 weeks to utilize up to 12 sessions from the date of the accident.


If an accident occurred more than 12 weeks ago and your settlement is still pending, you can still request counselling from ICBC.  You would need a doctor's note this time. 


After reviewing, ICBC will provide you with an approval for a certain number of counselling sessions. Once you have that approval, you are ready to schedule your first appointment with us.


We are registered with ICBC. We will invoice ICBC directly and there will be no upfront costs to you. 


You can contact us at any point post-accident to seek support and help in applying for counselling covered by ICBC.