Why Does Life Suck So Bad?

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Totally valid question which you might be feeling now and then. I used to feel this way too until I learned to look at the other side of the same coin.

So how would you like to explore this? Do you want to start by Knowing some of the reasons or hopping on to Fix your life? Well, the truth is, you cannot fix something if you don’t know it thoroughly. Right?

So let us look at this terrible feeling which is almost making you lose self-confidence, creating self-doubt, losing hope, and also shaking your self-esteem.

First of all, you or anyone is not supposed to feel happy, good, or victorious all the time and for a long time. The reason is, that life is always changing and flowing like air and energy. It is a fact. Fighting and arguing about a fact is silly and foolish. Now explore, what are the facts of your life. Do you want to accept them or work towards them or just fight with them or want to control and fix them?

Moving on, imagine if you have achieved all and got all, how would that feeling look like? Are you not going to feel stagnated and bored? What would each day look like without any goal? How long someone can be leisurely? Our bodies and brain are not made to live a meaningless life. We have a lot of potential! Humans are evolving for centuries because most of us keep striving for the best, remained curious, and are brave enough to take risks, explore and keep moving on wherever we are in our lives.

So let go of this expectation from yourself that life should not be sucking at all. It will. It should. It is good for the body and mind to keep striving, struggling, and trying to be better. It is good as a single unit, a person. It is good as a big unit, a family or one organization or one department or one country.

Important is, how are you looking at these growing pains and stressors? It has been proven by experiments that stress can kill you if you allow it to do so; if you are looking at stress negatively. But if you change your perspective, attitude, and wording about stressors, it can invite solutions and can be even a life transformation in the long run.

So let us change the question. How about you ask yourself –

How Do I Suck Happiness, Growth, and Opportunity Each Day in This Life?

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