Therapist Who do CVAP Cases

Are you looking for a Therapist who do CVAP Cases in Surrey? Would you like to get your life after a heinous crime? If yes, Rhea of Firefox Counselling is here to help. Crime rates in most areas across Surrey and the rest of British Columbia are on the rise and in their wake, they leave untold emotional trauma. What gets to the news is always the sensational stuff but the victims of crimes are left to wallow in self-pity. This is the situation the well-thought Crime Victim Assistance Program(CVAP) seeks to address. Whatever the type of crime you have suffered, it is important to take advantage of the services offered by CVAP in order to get your life back on track.

At Firefox Counselling, we have just the right person to work with you on your CVAP case. With our vast experience in this profession, we appreciate that you might not want to talk about the crime encounter. However, we also know that burying these emotions will only lead to worse repercussions including depression. The pent up anger, shame, frustration or any other emotion should be dealt with and this is what our therapist will help you to do.

As mental health specialists, we use highly specialized approaches including client-centered therapy; solution focussed brief therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy among others. We use our expertise and experience to administer counselling and our Therapist who do CVAP Cases in Lower Mainland will work closely with you to ensure every session is fruitful.

If you have suffered a crime recently, talk to us and let’s assist you put this encounter behind and recover from trauma.