My Philosophy

“It is the client who knows what hurts
what directions to go,
what problems are crucial,
what experiences have been deeply buried”

- Carl Rogers

This is what I believe in and practice in my therapeutic approach with the clients of all ages, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic status. I consider counselling a pious profession where I have the opportunity to support someone who need direction at this point of life. Well, “You are not alone”. Firefox Counselling is there to help you to be self-sufficient, happy and emotionally independent.

Many clients believe that coming to counselling will be the end of their miseries and it’s entirely counsellor’s job to make them feel better. Although feeling better is one of the prime goal and purpose of the counselling, but success of the counselling process depends on the client’s active involvement, persistent efforts, time devoted on this path (in and out of sessions) and regular attendance for sessions. In our sessions, you and I will work together to improve your resiliency, inner happiness, satisfaction, eternal peace, quality of life and also get rid of negative thoughts and behaviours which are obstructing you from having mental peace.